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Our Story


Lorrie and Larry Schilke,

In 2001, my parents moved to Columbia to be closer to us due to health reasons. They were mostly independent and did very well.   Sometimes they were reluctant to “impose” on us by requesting some help but, we always made the time.  They told us many times that they wanted to remain as independent as possible and living in their own home, so whatever we could do toward that goal, we were happy to do.

In 2011, my stepdad passed away.   My mother was in a wheelchair and unable to live by herself, so she came to live with us. We cared for her by helping with her activities of daily living, took her shopping, to doctors’ appointments, did laundry, prepared meals, and more…much, much more. We did what we could, while working full time, and still maintaining our family life. Mom’s social life was limited to our activities after we came home in the evening. We were glad she was with us but, it was stressful at the same time.

After some time, Mom moved into an independent senior living apartment. We still managed her medications and appointments, but she felt more comfortable in her own place. Then, her health began to decline and she spent time in the hospital, a rehab center, back to an assisted living center, and back to our house several times. This went on for several months until she passed away.

Looking back, we saw that Mom did best when she felt independent and in her own “home”.

When mom found the care she needed with compassionate caregivers, she was able to let down her guard and “live” again. In her last days on earth, she socialized, made new friends, and was happy. This allowed us to enjoy spending time together, rather than being so busy as her caregivers. I felt like her daughter again. We enjoyed Sunday dinners, watched her favorite TV shows together, did crossword puzzles, listened to her stories, sang songs, and laughed. We were able to be “family” again.

As we prepared for her funeral and were going through recent photos, it became very evident that Mom had found joy and was at peace. She was able focus on what mattered most.

When we decided to open a new business here in Columbia, in-home senior care was a natural choice.

It is a business based on the same values we placed on helping our parents to live independently, with some assistance when compassion and caring was required.

With my background in nursing and working at our church, and Larry’s experience in a service business, we feel we can make a difference in the lives of our seniors. We offer quality care to seniors in their own home (wherever that may be) so they can remain there, as long as possible. At Keeping Good Company Senior Care at Home, we pride ourselves in having Care Givers who are well trained, trusted, and compassionate.

At Keeping Good Company, “We treat you like family”.

Lorrie Schilke, RN, CCA

Keeping Good Company Senior Care at Home was started in September, 2013.