Don’t just take our word for it — see what the rest of Columbia and the central Missouri area are saying about Keeping Good Company Senior Care at Home!

We recently asked our clients what makes their caregiver special? Here are some of their responses:

  • “Karen is very sweet and understanding with my mother, and always patient. She listens to Mama’s stories about growing up in North Carolina over and over, and no matter how many times she’s heard it, she makes Mama feel special during each rendition. She also brings in her own books of stories and poems and hymns and shares them with Mama. She really treats Mama as if she were part of her own family.”-Ava Fajen

  • “My caregiver, Mary, is special because she is very pleasant and reliable and an appreciated helper. For her preliminary visit, I had made a general outline of what I wanted done and Mary quickly adopted these chore plans plus the additional tasks her past experience and knowledge led her to accomplish all in a good, steady pace to completion. Mary is a very pleasant, reliable and appreciated helper. Each time she visits. She completes the work on schedule and we each get calendars to schedule the next appointment. This constant practice allows me to keep order in my active schedule and always be present at the next visit. I have been very pleased with the services I have received from Keeping Good Company.”
    -Leroy Sharp

  • “Allie is a delight. He especially enjoyed the conversations they shared and listened to him. She went above and beyond by rubbing and massaging his shoulder and arm, where he had so much pain and got relief. She is so great and you can tell she had good training and listening skills.”
    -Helen Coil

  • “My caregiver Audrey is special in that she is professional and efficient in the tasks she is given. She feeds my intellectual side through sharing Time Magazine and many discussions on world affairs as we cook together in the kitchen. She is a good listener and soundboard for sorting out upcoming decisions. She is always ready for a trip to the Park or a luncheon out. She is a joy to be around as she is comfortable in both conversation and quiet. It is a joy to be in her company.”
    -Phyllis McQuilkin

  • “… you’ve done it again! We especially enjoy Audrey out of all the caregivers we’ve had since starting your services. Audrey is smart, observing and capable. We really enjoy her visits.”
    -Doris Phifer

  • “I just think the world of Austin. He will always be my first choice. He did such an excellent job with my husband before he passed away.”
    -Carol Beir

  • “I especially appreciate Becky. The morning shifts are very important for my husband as this constitutes what the rest of the day will be. Becky makes sire that it will be a good one. For the next four hours my husband has breakfast, is groomed and entertained. Becky entertains him with music, whistles, sings and talks to him continually. This stimulates his mind, makes him happy and encourages him to be more vocal. I know his well beings has improved with these activities that Becky has incorporated with his home care.”

  • “Mom really enjoys Gretchen. I could tell mom was in a great mood when I got home. She has been great to work with, and we always feel confident that Mama will be well and lovingly cared for, safe, and happy in her care.”
    -Ava Fajen

  • “My caregiver, Lisa, is special because she is a delight. We share grandchildren stories. The first thing she says as she comes in is “What can I do for you today?” I am so please to have her. She is very good and she knows what to do without being asked. She is welcome anytime.”
    -Jane West

  • “Mary is a joy! I am always looking forward to Tuesday’s visit. My days are slow, but with her in the house it is fun to have her around. Mary is honest, and a friend. We tell each other about our families. My house is super clean when she leaves. I’ve never had any person who does such a good job!”
    -Veronica Gunther

“It is my pleasure to be associated and work closely with Lorrie and Larry Schilke and their team of dedicated caregivers. Their focus on each client’s individual needs is exemplary and we are proud to have Lorrie and Larry as fellow members of The Senior’s Choice.

We at The Senior’s Choice support more than 120 in-home companion care companies around the world and we take pride in the standards of excellence common among all our members.

Keeping Good Company Senior Care at Home represents the best of The Senior’s Choice because of their demonstrated integrity, commitment, and love for seniors and their families. We know that those individuals who take advantage of Keeping Good Company’s services will experience greater peace, independence, and more quality time with their loved ones.”
– Steve Everhart, President, The Senior’s Choice

“Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts about your service. It is my honor.

2014 was turning out to be a stressful year. Both my parents had been living with me for more than three years. My mother’s health was declining and I was at my wits end. I called Keeping Good Company and Lorrie Schilke took the time to really get to know my needs as a caregiver. She came over and comprehensively compiled my mother’s history, inclusive of health and life history.

By the end of the week, I had a specialized caregiver that was able to provide exemplary care while I was at work. KGC gave me the tools to communicate efficiently on all aspects of mother’s needs, and it allowed me the ability to focus on my work instead of worrying about them at home. My caregiver came to be an integral part of our family. She not only ‘did her job’, but truly demonstrated integrity, commitment, and love for my parents. She would take time to help with the house as well as care for mother and that provided such relief.

On March 27, 2014, I went to work and early that afternoon, had a call from Lorrie Schilke…”your mother’s breathing is very bad…I think you need to go home..” That afternoon, Mother traveled to her final home. KGC’s care didn’t end there. Mrs. Schilke came to ensure that our family was ok, took extra time to come to Mother’s funeral and followed up with us afterwards as well.

I highly recommend KGC and their certified, caring, and committed staff to anyone who wants to help their family live at home, yet needs service to ensure that happens.God bless you and your ministry!”
– Anna Coleman

“I hesitated about having services in my home until I met Tracey.  She is efficient, inventing new ways to accomplish a goal, willing to accomplish my task I ask for in a cheerful manner.  She feels like family and knows how to make mundane activities fun.  On top of all that she is a good listener and compassionate.”
– Phyllis J McQuilkin

“Having the visits to my home have been a very good experience and a lot of help.  The girls are very cheerful and I look forward to them coming through the door.”
– Bill Crawford

It has been a distinct pleasure to have Keeping Good Company Senior Care Services in Columbia Missouri (owned by Larry and Lorrie Schilke) assisting with the care of John and Jane Smith* at their home*. Lorrie has been very dedicated in focusing on the needs of this loving couple. She has called and comes by often to check on them and the care provided by Keeping Good Company to make sure it is the best possible. Each of their care givers has been extremely caring, knowledgeable, and kind.

Keeping Good Company has been very helpful in providing additional (unscheduled) coverage when needed. I am never left in a bind; they always come through with whatever is needed to keep the 24/7 coverage on my end.

They make John and Jane* very comfortable in their own home. Their greatest wish was to never be separated in their aging years and Keeping Good Company has made this possible.

I would not hesitate to recommend this company to friends and acquaintances. I feel that they go the extra mile with checking out their caregivers and have mandatory health training classes. This gives the Smith* family peace of mind.
-Debbie Norris, LPN, and family friend and caregiver.

*Names and locations have been changed for privacy.