Seniors In Summer: A guide to preventing heat related illnesses for seniors

Summer is officially here! While summer is a time many people look forward to all year, it can be a very dangerous time for seniors. Heat related illnesses are not something to mess around with at any age. Seniors can be more susceptible to these illnesses. Below, Keeping Good Company Senior Care has compiled a […]

Service Spotlight – Light Housekeeping

We want to shine a light on one of our services we get many questions about. Seniors often need assistance with things around the house. One of the hardest things is the house chores! It requires a lot of lifting and bending.That’s where we come in! Our caregivers are trained in many ways but one […]

We love our clients berry much!

The office staff made over 300 chocolate covered strawberries for their clients and caregivers. Some of the caregivers even stopped by the office with their client! We are so thankful for our clients and the bond they have with our caregivers. Happy Valentines Day!