4 Leading Reasons Seniors Experience Falls

Falls are the leading cause of serious, even life-threatening injuries among adults age 65 and older. From hip fractures to head trauma, the statistics are mouth drop worthy. A fall that requires medical treatment in an emergency room happens every 11 seconds according to the National Council on Aging. It is also written that a […]

Spruce SpringClean

Spring is here, time to get cleaning. Here’s a few tips from the KGC Staff: 1.      Make a List Get organized. Sometimes a big task like cleaning the entire house can be daunting for seniors. Make a list of each thing you would like cleaned or organized. Medicine cabinet – Remove all medications and prescriptions that […]

Seven Types of Food for Longer Life

We know that a good diet is key to being healthy and having a longer life. But, with health and fitness fads gaining popularity, it’s sometimes confusing trying to choose which foods are the healthy option. However, research suggests that incorporating certain anti-aging foods will give you the extra boost that you have been looking […]