Caregiver of the Season

Lydia Bohler — Spring 2023 Award Winner

Lydia Bohler started with Keeping Good Company nearly 2 years ago. She has been a great asset to our team of Caregivers from the beginning.

Lydia had a great personality. She is very capable and able to work with any client, no matter how difficult. She is a good communicator. She keeps us updated about clients and their needs, changes, and any concerns she has.

We often get great feedback about Lydia, Clients love her.

Below are a few recent Client comments:

  • PB’s daughter called to let us know that Lydia was a “homerun” and that she and mom “just clicked”. “We will take her as much as you can give her to us”. Another time she said Lydia is “wonderful. Mom just loves her!”
  • DBu: “Lydia was only here once but made a good impression and seems very capable.”
  • There is not a lot of availability around Lydia’s busy school schedule. But whenever she can squeeze in shifts, she does. Lydia is an excellent Caregiver. She is dependable, takes very good care of her clients, updates us with concerns or changes.
  • Trish from Tiger Place called to say how thankful she was for Lydia. On Sunday, 2/12, they had a resident in the dining area who began choking. Those around did not know what to do, and Lydia responded by doing the Heimlich Maneuver, and “saved him”. The nursing staff arrived right after it happened. Trish said “she’s super great! We love her!”

We do too! Lydia, you will make an awesome nurse some day!

For this and other reasons, we have chosen Lydia Bohler to be Keeping Good Company’s

Caregiver of the Season – Spring 2023

Congratulations, Lydia!

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