Alisa Nettles-Strong — Winter 2017 Award Winner

Alisa always has a smile on her face.  She will cheerfully tackle just about anything we ask her to do.  Some clients have commented that “she is very pleasant and did a good job!  I’d like for her to come back.”  Also, the Activity Director at a local facility told us that Alisa was “fantastic, so engaged, kind, and gentle.  She’s lovely”.  You can tell that she enjoys being a Caregiver! Not only is Alisa dependable and always shows up on time, she also works hard to better herself and her skills.  She has successfully completed her Certified Companion Aide (CCA), done some optional online training, and is working toward a Dementia Care certification. Alisa always attends Keeping Good Company activities and staff meetings.  She is definitely a team player! Recently, she noticed 2 separate clients had upcoming birthdays.  She took it upon herself to purchase birthday cards, and brought them into our office to have us sign them.  This encouraged us to go help her present the cards and help our clients celebrate their special day.  We sang and added a birthday balloon and donuts. We are proud to have Alisa as part of our staff and feel she is deserving of the TSC Caregiver of the Season award.