Allie Webb — Fall 2018 Award Winner

Allie Webb is a Javelin thrower on the track team for the University of Missouri. She has a very rigid school schedule, as well as her training schedule for the track team and participating in track meets.

The one thing that everyone notices about Allie is that she is always smiling. Her smile helps make those around her very comfortable, including her clients. Once she has been with a client, they often request her to return. One husband said “Allie is super, A+, she really hit it off with my wife.” She has a couple of clients who are willing to rearrange their schedule, so they will be able to keep Allie when she returns to school this fall.

Allie really stepped up this summer when her personal commitments lessened. She worked a lot of hours. She was often willing to pick up shifts at the last minute when help was needed. She accepted several extra shifts that were broadcasted, some even on her rare days off.

Not only is she a team player for the University, but she is a team player for Keeping Good Company! Allie always puts her smile and her best foot forward. She is willing to try new things, and always does them well. She is pro-active in keeping us and her clients aware of her school schedule and availability.

When one of our caregivers became very ill, we rallied up some of our caregivers to help. Allie offered to be one of those helpers.

Allie has obtained her CCA certification. She also completed the CHCA certification early August 2018.

She is always willing and able to help. Whether filling in with a shift, or helping one of our own, she brings her smile and big heart to do the job, and do it well. Allie Webb is very deserving of the KGC Caregiver of the Season award.