Andi Jordan — Fall 2020 Award Winner

Andi Jordan has been a Caregiver with Keeping Good Company since Feb 4, 2020.  She started shortly before COVID hit.

Andi is flexible and has worked well with several different clients.

She took off a couple of weeks early in the summer to help care for her mother with Parkinson’s who had extensive surgery.  Upon returning, she swung into action at KGC.  She took on many extra hours to help fill the needs.  Until recently, she was the only Caregiver at Tiger Place working under their facility restrictions.  She single handedly cared for 5 Clients there.  She has been a Super Star at Tiger Place!!

With school starting, she needed to cut back some on her work availability.  Andi continues to work there, but we have added to both our Client list and Caregiver list at Tiger Place.

She is loved by her Clients and is doing a great job!

Our office staff appreciates Andi’s positive attitude and her willingness to help whenever she is able!  She has been a lifesaver many times.  She is always willing to help as much as she can.  She is good about communicating with schedule changes, and willing to work with us with her availability.

We appreciate that she is so enthusiastic and outgoing.  Andi is kind, very intelligent, a hard worker, reliable and gentle.

Andi is very deserving of Keeping Good Company’s Caregiver of the Season Award for Fall 2020.

Congratulations, Andi!