Audrey Deyoung — Summer 2023 Award Winner

We have chosen Audrey Deyoung as Keeping Good Company’s Summer 2023 Caregiver of the Season because she has truly blown us away with her caregiver skills. Audrey is such a wonderful, outgoing, reliable Caregiver and always has been since she started. She is such a joy to be around with her bubbly personality. When she comes to the office, she often stays to chat a bit about her clients. She is always giving updates upon each client she feels that we need to know. She always goes beyond what is expected of her when with any clients. Often, caregivers who follow Audrey comment on how great she does with documentation. Don Burke for DBU wrote "Audrey shows great initiative, she learns quickly, and she adapts. Keep an eye on her. She'll be one of your stars."
Another client said Audrey is "wonderful. Mom just loves" her! - Deb Carr

She is such an amazing soul! She goes above and beyond for every client she is with. Very thoughtful, reliable, giving, and one of a kind. With this and many more reasons Audrey is an amazing example of a Caregiver of the Season.