Brett Anderson — Spring 2018 Award Winner

Brett is a full time Physical Therapy student at the University of Missouri. He has a wonderful smile and a way of making everyone around him feel comfortable. He is very kind respectful and dependable. In addition to being a all-around good guy, his clients love him. They have made comments such as, ” Brett is the perfect match for my husband. He is very good to him”, “Brett is so good, he goes above and beyond, he does a great job”, and ” We love Brett, he is very good!”. Brett has stayed way beyond the end of his shift, when a client needed to go to the hospital. He took both the client and his wife and stayed with them. He has helped out on several occasions when other caregivers have called off and we needed to fill a shift quickly. Also, driven on icy roads to make sure the clients who needed us received care.

When Brett was asked why he loves being a Caregiver his response was, ” I love being a caregiver because I get to help people who are really in need of assistance. I love conversing with the elderly and hearing their stories and advice for life!”. He has also met the requirements to become a Certified Companion Aide (CCA).

We are proud to award Brett with Caregiver of the season, Spring 2018!