CJ Addison — Spring 2020 Award Winner

CJ has a caring soul. She devotes herself to the health and well being of others. When she is not working as a Caregiver for Keeping Good Company, she is an Aquatic Fitness instructor at pools in Columbia.

CJ has been very helpful by picking up extra shifts and broadcasts when she is able. She took a last minute shift with LEv when other Caregiver had an emergency and needed coverage.

Here are a few comments from a few of her clients:

DP called to say that she loved, loved, loved CJ! “She was just the best and is welcome back any time!” “CJ was just lovely!”

MBS’s daughter called and said “I talked to my mom after I arrived and she was SO PLEASED WITH CJ. Her kind spirit, her skillfulness, her sense of humor, her reassuring presence.”

BL said she especially likes CJ!

CJ puts thought into her clients and their needs. She brings coloring books to help calm WS. She encouraged SD to participate in the Parkinson’s singing group. She takes her clients out for fun and food. CJ keeps us updated with client changes. She makes connections with each client , making it more than just a job. You can tell she really enjoys what she does!” – KGC Office

For these reasons and many, we have chosen CJ Addison to be Keeping Good Company’s Spring 2020 Caregiver of the Season.

Congratulations, CJ