Cynthia Ousley — Winter 2021 Award Winner

Cynthia started working for KGC in July 2020. Since then, she has picked up tons of shifts. She is very dependable and rarely calls off sick. If she is available, she will almost always work extra if needed. Cynthia has a great work ethic. She is truly the definition of a hard worker. She is dependable and has picked up last minute shifts many times. She not only provides excellent care to her adorable children & siblings, but all her Clients as well. Cynthia is usually quiet when you first meet her, but she comes out of that shell rather quickly and is an outgoing, joyful, and fun Caregiver.
Cynthia is a Caregiver who can work with challenging Clients and handles issues that arise in a professional, calm, manner.

Some Clients request only to have her, and she is a “regular” with a few Clients. AH loves hearing stories about Cynthia and her little girls. AH’s face lights up and she is full of laughter when relaying the stories she’s heard from Cynthia. BB & her husband adore Cynthia as well.

A previous Client, MSB, said, “Cynthia is a great Caregiver. I don’t know her very well but yesterday morning she just gave an A++ performance with me. She was personable, kind of thinks of things before you think of them and is just great.”

A Caregiver sent us a message that said, “PMcQ & AH are both very fond of Cynthia and thinks she does a great job.”
A Client’s daughter came in the office and said,” My mom just loves Cynthia! She does all the cleaning, and they have really gotten to know each other. She is a great fit. Mom is starting to come out of her slump which is great.”

Our office staff says that Cynthia is a hard worker and does great. She often works up extra shifts. Many of our Clients like having Cynthia care for them. We know they are in good hands when she cares for them.

For these reasons and more, we have chosen Cynthia Ousley to be Keeping Good Company’s Caregiver of the Season for Winter 2021.

Congratulations, Cynthia!