Jennie Palmer — Winter 2022 Award Winner

In the relatively short time that Jennie has been with us, she has made a very good impression on Clients, their families, and the Office Staff of Keeping Good Company!

Many of her clients call to let us know how much they appreciate her and request her to be their Caregiver or to be scheduled as often as possible. One called after Jennie’s first visit to say she really liked her visit, she was “real sweet”. When another of her Clients was moving away to a facility, her family called and requested Jennie to come one more time so the client could say goodbye to Jennie.

She has worked outside of her normal availability to help Clients out or when there was a need from the KGC office.
Jennie keeps us informed about updates and the needs of her Clients. She responds to messages in a timely manner.
She is reliable, considerate, and always goes the extra steps for her Clients. She is joyful, welcoming, and trustworthy. Her Clients feel safe, and well cared for.

Overall, Jennie is doing a wonderful job and sets a great example for others.

For this and other reasons, we have chosen Jennie Palmer to be Keeping Good Company’s Caregiver of the Season – Winter 2022
Congratulations, Jennie!