Jordyn McElroy — Fall 2021 Award Winner

Jordyn is such a wonderful, outgoing, reliable Caregiver and always has been since she started. She is such a joy to be around. When she comes by the office for her wellness checks she always stays longer just to chat! Keri has done some intros for her and says, “Jordyn doesn’t know a stranger!” She is always so bubbly and excited to work with new people. She keeps that positive attitude and smile on her face, even when working with challenging Clients. Jordyn has cared for many of our more advanced/challenging Clients. She is reliable.

If she says she is going to be somewhere, she is there. She has been here for a little shy of 3 years and has only called in sick a few times. If we call her and ask her to fill a shift, she almost always picks it up regardless of who the Client is and what she will be doing there. One of our Clients specifically requests to have Jordyn when her Dog Hansel needs to go to the vet or get groomed because Jordyn does such a great job interacting with Hansel. The Client says Hansel is just calm and well behaved when he is with Jordyn. Jordyn goes above and beyond for her Clients. Recently she a took a Client’s pants home with her, hemmed them, and returned them-just to go that extra mile to help them. She is allergic to cats but is always willing to try working in homes with cats to see if her allergies will act up before simply declining. People have commented that Jordyn is really friendly. She is also a good organizer.

She has picked up many shifts helping when fellow Caregivers needed off or were gone after having their baby. She has some Clients who only want her and no one else. She recently picked up 2 back-to-back overnight shifts which needed to be filled.

Here’s what a few of her Clients and their families have said over the past few months:

I just want to say I am so pleased with mom’s care. She is stronger and much more cheerful. I know she is eating better and taking her medicine. I am feeling much better personally because I know she is having someone to talk to and help her every day. She is walking really well. I appreciate all the extra that Jordyn is doing. I really appreciate everything. -Barb Nixon (PWs daughter)

I talked to JK this morning and she said “Jordyn did beautifully with taking Hansel to get his shots. Hansel was calm going with her and coming back. She really did a great job.”-KC

from PO (wife of RE) “Jordan did an excellent job. Richard does not handle change very well, so leaving him is stressful. But Jordan did fantastic, and he feels entirely comfortable with this arrangement. I am so grateful.” -LS

In an email received from client’s wife: “Please know how grateful I am for Jordyn being here twice a week to help me with AM. Forty years is a long time to be together. Amazing, really. The past 3 years have been difficult; my heart has been continually chipped away as AM’s health declines. Having Jordyn here is an adjustment to our way of life. She’s been so kind and flexible as we find our way. I just wanted you to know how grateful I am.” – LS

Client wife said they “adore Jordyn, she works hard.” -LS

I picked up AM CP book on Friday and Darcy & Addison had written a note for Jordyn with a picture of their cat on it. The note said, “Thank you for all you’ve done to help make my days a little less stressful. Your assistance with AM, Tommy, our birds & flowers helped all to flourish.” -KC

For these reasons, and more, we have chosen Jordyn McElroy to be

Keeping Good Company’s Caregiver of the Season, Fall 2021.

Congratulations, Jordyn!