Kyla Acton — Fall 2019 Award Winner

Kyla is a quiet, sweet soul. Her clients just love her! She does a good job, and often goes the extra mile for her clients.

Kyla steps up and offers to help when there is a KGC need. She takes extra shifts when asked, and responds well to broadcasts. She is really good about communicating with the KGC office and updating us about what is going on with her clients.

Mrs K called to tell us that Kyla is one of the sweetest people she has ever met and she would love to have her back any time. JC’s husband called to say that JC really likes Kyla a lot and he is glad when she is on the schedule. She is one of the favorites! Kyla has been known to take JC to Andy’s for frozen custard. Her clients often don’t want any other caregivers but her.

When Kyla is with a client, we know they are in good hands. Not only is she sweet and kind, but she does a great job overall.

For these reasons, we have chosen Kyla Acton to be Keeping Good Company’s Fall 2019 Caregiver of the Season.

Congratulations, Kyla!