Lisa Torufa — Summer 2018 Award Winner

Lisa is a wonderful Caregiver.  Whether in appearance or mannerisms, she is always very professional in all that she does.  Lisa is one of those people who is rock steady.  She is a quiet force who stays under the radar, day in and day out taking very good care of her clients.  She has been a regular with a client for quite some time.  She is very reliable and punctual.  She takes her responsibilities as a Caregiver very seriously and follows rules and directions well. Lisa is very caring.  She does not hesitate to call the office anytime she has a concern about her client.  She is trustworthy, one of the very few people a spouse will leave the client alone with.

Lisa is a team player.  She attends staff meetings, trainings, and includes her family in company events.  She works to continue to be a better Caregiver.  She has completed both her Certified Companion Aide (CCA) and Certified Hospice Companion Aide (CHCA) certifications.

Her clients say they are “fortunate to have her” and that “she is really sweet”.  Lisa is very caring.  Not only is the client well cared for, but the home is in good order.  She has done things like bring in a foot bath for the spouse of her client to soak her feet.

We are confident that anyone she cares for is in good hands. Lisa is well deserving of Caregiver of the Season for Summer 2018!