Lou Ann Kirby — Spring 2022 Award Winner

After Lou Ann Kirby worked many years in the insurance industry, she was able to retire and do what she loves! After retiring, she came to work with Keeping Good Company and has been with us since November 2017. In her nearly 5 years with Keeping Good Company, Lou Ann is loved by everyone who she meets. Lou Ann has a love for seniors that really shows! When asked about being a Caregiver, Lou Ann said “I love being a caregiver because I get to work with the elderly folks and really make a difference in their lives.”

If she picks up a shift with someone new, the Client almost always calls after and requests to have her on a regular basis. She goes above and beyond in so many different ways. She stays late WHENEVER her Clients need her to, even if it takes hours after she is scheduled to be off. If her Clients have open shifts she always fills in when she can. If her Clients go to facilities, she is happy to go there to visit them. She goes above and beyond when caring for these individuals as well. She notifies the office when she is concerned about her Client’s wellbeing.

Each time we speak to her Clients on the phone they give her so many praises. Her Clients have told us things like “Lou Ann is kind, patient, and has so many positive attributes.” “That lady Lou Ann was so good!! You have so many good people working for you.” One called to say Lou Ann was so helpful and resourceful. She really enjoyed her today. Another said, “Lou Ann is such a gem. Please send her anytime. She was just exceptional.” And another called to say she really appreciated Lou Ann extending her time to stay and help. She said they were able to do so much more than just physical therapy. Another says, “Lou Ann is 5-star! She knows what to do and just gets in and does it!” Anytime we spoke with a previous Client of hers, she would always ask, “How is that Lou Ann doing?” and would always request to have her as much as possible. And there are more…

Lou Ann has the determination to continue to gain knowledge and stay educated to become a better Caregiver. She attends In-Services when she is able. She wants to learn!

Lou Ann always has such an energetic personality and truly cares so much for her Clients. She has a smile that could brighten the whole room! Sadly, people can’t see it as much because we make her wear her mask. Seeing her take care of her Client while here at the office for the Christmas party was so touching. It was beautiful to see how much she helped, while helping him keep his dignity. Her Clients and we at KGC know she will go above and beyond for whoever she cares for. She has such a huge heart and we’re so happy we get to see her let it pour into her job.

We appreciate everything Lou Ann does not only for her Clients, but for Keeping Good Company as well.

For this and many other reasons, we have chosen Lou Ann Kirby to be Keeping Good Company’s Caregiver of the Season – Spring 2022

Congratulations, Lou Ann!