Louis Markovitz — Spring 2021 Award Winner

In the nearly 2 years that Louie Markovitz has been with Keeping Good Company, we have learned that he is creative, dependable, open-minded, and a great communicator.  He has especially stepped up in many ways over the past 3 months.

During the weeks of extreme frigid temperatures and bad roads that we experienced recently, he picked up several shifts for other Caregivers who were not able to get to their Clients.  Some accepted shifts were at the last minute, even though he had to cancel his personal plans.  Some of these shifts were with more difficult Clients.

He very rarely calls in sick, and always shows up with an optimistic attitude. He communicates well with the KGC Office Staff! He calls to notify us about any concerns he has or to update us with information about Clients.  Louie is a familiar face as he participates in most Keeping Good Company activities, trainings, and events.

Something great about Louie is his creativity. He is always fun to be around.  He takes his clients for walks, drives, to the Arc, and is a great conversationalist.  He truly has a heart for seniors, especially those with memory issues.  For one of our Clients, he thought about different volunteer projects they could do together. The Client’s wife called to say how much she appreciated him coming up with all those ideas.  There was a time Louie stayed after his scheduled shift at Cedarhurst to play music for the residents there.

Comments from Clients and family members include:  “Louie is a great addition to the team, he is fun & does a great job with (my husband), we enjoy having him at the house a lot.”   “The team took great care of (my wife). Louie was patient, focused, considerate, and a joy to work with in our home.”  Another client said, “Louie is a nice young man.  He did a very good job, even doing my laundry!”

Louie has a true Caregivers heart.  We are proud to have him as a strong member of our team.

For these reasons, we have chosen Louie to be

Keeping Good Company’s Caregiver of the Season – Spring 2021. Congratulations, Louie!