Melinda Whitesides — Winter 2018 Award Winner

Melinda is a great example of someone who has a true Caregiver’s heart.  Before working for Keeping Good Company, she was a housekeeper at an Independent Living Facility here in town.  She loved her residents, and often found herself helping them in little ways. She sometimes did this after she was off the clock.  She is a natural. She is very patient and kind. Many of her clients love her and ask that she be their “regular” once she has worked with them.

Some things we have heard or noticed about Melinda:

“The intro @ AF went really well, gave her tour of home, explained instructions and care plan book. Melinda & AF were dancing when I left” -CS

“Thank you!  Melinda is doing wonderful, she’s so good.  Everybody is happy with her! She’s is doing a great job”. – SH (daughter of PH)

“Melinda agreed to be backup for another caregiver if she cannot go to her shift on Wednesday.”

“Melinda took an extra shift when Lorrie was working at Provision Living. It was super helpful.”

A client said “Melinda is the best thing ever! She is a lot of help and swell as can be”. She doesn’t mind if we need to get other people, but she would sure like Melinda each time.

Recently, when she wasn’t feeling well, Melinda went in, when we were not able to fill her shift.  She wanted to be sure her client was taken care of. She’s a real trooper.

Melinda is very deserving of Keeping Good Company’s Caregiver of the Season award.

Congratulations, Melinda!