Melissa Tague — Summer 2017 Award Winner

When selecting our Caregiver of the Season we ask ourselveswhat makes this caregiver an exceptional choice for Caregiver of the Season? Melissa is the kind of person who visits regularly with elderly neighbors, and continues to volunteer at the elementary school her sons went to 20 years ago. She has a caring heart and always has a positive attitude. Her clients love her. They have told me things such as:

  • “Melissa is wonderful! Mom enjoys her. She comes up with great things to do, paint nails, bake cookies, crosswords, etc.”
  • “She always cooks for us.”
  • “She is a loving and caring person who is willing and able to do whatever needs to be done…She seems to like me and we enjoy visiting and playing Scrabble.”
  • “She always has a smile on her face” All this is true! In fact, we have given her an additional role within the company. We jokingly call her our “Activities Director”.

Our company tries to do little things now and then for our clients and Caregivers. Melissa plays a big role in these activities, in both planning and implementing. Some recent fun activities include birthday cakes in a cup, and simple cookie mixes for Caregivers and clients to bake together. She has even been known to deliver gifts in costume! She is the kind of Caregiver you want to copy and paste! Melissa is dependable, reliable, and often flexible when the need arises.

We know our clients receive excellent care when she is on the job. She is always good for an interesting conversation. She sees what needs to be done, and does it without any prompting…whether it’s pulling up a weed, taking out the trash, or adjusting her personal schedule to take a client to a needed doctor’s appointment. Melissa is an excellent Caregiver and a great employee. For these reasons, we would like to nominate her for Caregiver of the Season.