Melissa Wells — Fall 2022 Award Winner

When Melissa Wells first started with us in 2020, she came to us with a lot of knowledge. She has been a CNA and has many years of experience in the Caregiving field. Melissa has gone through our training and is a Certified Companion Aide.

Melissa is a kind of person that people gravitate to no matter where or when. She has a very welcoming personality that allows everyone in her presence to feel taken care of and cared for. She has a huge heart, and she has an amazing way of showing that.

Melissa has several clients who specifically ask for her. There is no doubt that her Clients are well cared for when she is on the job.
Melissa communicates well with her Clients, their families, and the KGC Office. She documents well. She replies to messages we send her in a timely manner, and often comments on our Facebook page. She keeps us updated about her Clients.

Melissa has a good rapport with staff at facilities where she works with some of our Clients.

She has helped train other Caregivers on the job.

She recently participated in Keeping Good Company’s Brainstorming Session helping us establish goals for our future. Overall, she is a great asset to Keeping Good Company.

Melissa has received a Caregiver referral bonus, more than once, for sending people our way that we hired as Caregivers.

When the needs increased for SH to 24/7 care, Melissa picked up extra shifts outside of her usual availability to help.

Melissa really stepped up when DH took a turn for the worse and the family asked for 24/7 care. They were extremely particular about who came in (vaccinated only) and preferred familiar faces. Melissa took on a lot of extra hours, which was helpful, as well as comforting to the family. They said she is a “Super Caregiver!” DH’s daughter Beth said: “Melissa was so proactive and helpful on Tuesday when Dad’s pain ramped up so suddenly and I was dealing with it from afar. I was VERY uncomfortable with the medication that the doctor had prescribed at 6:00 that morning …At the last minute, Melissa agreed to stay longer …and did more. … the wait was tough on Dad because of the pain and Melissa was the one there with him and doing everything possible.”

She is willing to get down and do the hard and dirty work (gardening) and goes the extra mile for her clients. From gardening to technical issues…. she is a jack of all trades.

Melissa gives excellent care to any Client, in any situation. She gives her Clients and their families a sense of peace, knowing they are in good hands. She advocates for our Clients. She has worked with some of our more difficult Clients. She has been with Clients as they took their last breath.

For these and many other reasons, we have chosen Melissa Wells to be Keeping Good Company’s Caregiver of the Season – Fall 2022.

Congratulations, Melissa!