Stephanie Buhse — Spring 2019 Award Winner

Stephanie Buhse is a Caregiver who jumps in and makes her clients feel comfortable from the start. She is cheerful and engaging. One of her clients is fairly non-verbal. His wife loves that Stephanie “likes to talk to him”. She also plays music which he enjoys. These both will stimulate him, which his wife said “is a good thing!” She said, “We love Stephanie and will take her anytime she is available to work”! She really does a good job with (her husband). “We would love to have her more.” “She is a delight to have around!”

Stephanie is also someone who often picks up extra shifts that we need to fill. She offered to work additional holiday shifts. A while back, she stepped up to help with a new hospice client by taking all the evening shifts that she could! Some of these are out of her normal availability. Her reply is often that she “happy to help”, and she truly is. When there is a need, she rarely says no. She has earned her CCA certification, attends meetings regularly, and is very responsive to company correspondence. Our office staff thinks she is “amazing”!

Here in Missouri, we have had an unusually bad winter this year. We have had both snow and ice issues, which have made traveling to client’s homes challenging, if not impossible, for some caregivers. Stephanie is one of our Caregivers who stayed long hours, beyond what she was originally scheduled, to ensure that her clients received the needed care.

She offers to help train other Caregivers who may be new to a client Stephanie is familiar with. She is great about keeping the KGC office updated with changes and updates regarding clients.

She is reliable, steps up when there is a need, and has a heart of gold. For these reasons, we have chosen Stephanie Buhse to be Keeping Good Company’s Spring 2019 Caregiver of the Season.”