Sydney Ice — Summer 2021 Award Winner

Sydney Ice has been a Caregiver with us since March 2021. She is also a student at Mizzou. She is cheerful, outgoing, and always has a smile on her face, which we all love about her. She is well liked by both her Clients and her co-workers.

Since day one Sydney has been open-minded and willing to do everything asked of her even if she has never done the task before. She is confident in her abilities. She is willing and able to work with any Client, in any situation we ask. She even works with some of our more difficult or challenging individuals and has done a great job. Keri was very impressed with Sydney because during her first shift with a Client she gave them a bed bath, and this was something she had never done before. She did it with confidence and the family was very pleased. She did the task at hand and did not let anyone know this was her first time giving a bed bath. In training, as you all know, this is something we teach, and she executed it perfectly.

Another family member told us “Everything went so well today! I was so impressed with Sydney! She did such a great job and didn’t have any issues at all.”

Another Client’s family member said, “We LOVED Sydney and want as much of her as you can give us! She was so energetic, helpful, outgoing, and we just couldn’t imagine having anyone better than her!”

She has jumped right in and been an amazing asset to Keeping Good Company. Sydney is such a hard worker and eagerly picked up more than 20 extra shifts in the short time she has been with us. She knew we needed help and stepped up tremendously working overtime a few weeks in a row. There have been times that other Caregivers have needed off for family emergencies, illnesses, or other incidents and Sydney worked to help the Caregiver get the time off they needed.

Sydney is a great communicator, especially if there is something concerning going on with her Clients. She is good about keeping the KGC office updated, and we are thankful for that.
When there was a question of Covid exposure, she voluntarily went and got tested to ease the minds of other Clients.


Sydney is definitely a team player. She pitches in when there is a need. She truly cares about her Clients and other people in general. In the short time she has been here, she has made a big impact in a good way!
For these reasons, we have chosen Sydney to be

Keeping Good Company’s Caregiver of the Season – Summer 2021.

Congratulations, Sydney!