Tiffany Schneller — Fall 2017 Award Winner

Tiffany is an amazing caregiver. She is always willing to step up and take shifts when no one else is willing. She is extra helpful where ever she goes. Tiffany is always looking around for what can be done next. One of her clients said “My caregiver, Tiffany, is special because she is easy to have in my home. She does everything needed and more. She is so willing to do what Rosa and I need. She is a delight to have in my home.” Tiffany is so energetic and filled with joy, you can tell it really rubs off on her clients. They all rave about her. Tiffany is a great communicator, when she notices a change or issue with her client, she lets us know immediately.  We are so happy to give Tiffany this Caregiver of the Season award. It is so well deserved!