Seniors In Summer: A guide to preventing heat related illnesses for seniors

Summer is officially here! While summer is a time many people look forward to all year, it can be a very dangerous time for seniors. Heat related illnesses are not something to mess around with at any age. Seniors can be more susceptible to these illnesses. Below, Keeping Good Company Senior Care has compiled a […]

What Makes the Perfect Gift for Mom and Dad?

Its almost Christmas! You probably have most everyone crossed off your list except that one person who has absolutely everything. You maybe are searching the ends of the internet or standing in the store isle asking yourself “What could I possibly give them?” One option seems too impersonal, the other has too many directions to […]

4 Leading Reasons Seniors Experience Falls

Falls are the leading cause of serious, even life-threatening injuries among adults age 65 and older. From hip fractures to head trauma, the statistics are mouth drop worthy. A fall that requires medical treatment in an emergency room happens every 11 seconds according to the National Council on Aging. It is also written that a […]