What Makes the Perfect Gift for Mom and Dad?

Its almost Christmas! You probably have most everyone crossed off your list except that one person who has absolutely everything. You maybe are searching the ends of the internet or standing in the store isle asking yourself “What could I possibly give them?” One option seems too impersonal, the other has too many directions to set it up. You cannot seem to find that perfect gift to wow your loved one.

So how can you find the perfect gift? You cannot go to Christmas dinner empty handed! They key elements to a perfect gift include:

  • A gift that has long term benefits.
    • When a senior has a Caregiver in their home, the Caregiver can create lasting benefits such as curing loneliness, doing chores that are long overdue and even assist with driving to an appointment.
  • A gift that is personalized.
    • Before we ever send a Caregiver to a senior’s home, we always have a free in-home assessment. We like to make a “game plan” for the care the senior would like to receive. We like to include the whole family in the discussion. Often times, a family member can provide insight the senior cannot see. We want to get to know the ins and outs of what is needed so we can deliver the best possible care. We personalize a care plan for each person.
  • A gift that considers their “love language” needs.
    • In Gary Chapman’s book, “The Five Love Languages,” he notes that the giving and receiving of words of affirmation, quality time,  gifts, acts of service, and physical touch like hugs are examples of the way people feel love. For a gift to be ideal, then the love language must be taken into consideration. For example, if your loved one’s love language is acts of service, then a wonderful gift would be to employ the Caregivers at Keeping Good Company. They can do all kinds of acts of service. Caregivers can assist with laundry, light housekeeping and even walking the dog!
  • When in doubt, research!
    • When researching In Home Senior Care services in the mid Missouri area, you will not find better than Keeping Good Company. The thing that really sets us apart from all other companies is our Caregivers. We go the extra mile in choosing Caregivers that would match well with your loved one. We take age, hobbies and personality into consideration when paring a senior and a Caregiver. We only employ the very best. When interviewing Caregivers, we always ask ourselves “Would I be okay with this person taking care of my own mother?”