Best Boss Day!

Its Boss Appreciation Day! We want to take a moment to appreciate and celebrate our wonderful leader! Lorrie Schilke.

The office staff collected notes from all the caregivers and upon reading them, they noticed a common theme when asked to write their favorite thing about Lorrie. Compassionate, understanding, patient, kind, and a blessing to so many people’s lives. Caregiver and clients alike. She goes the extra mile with every person she comes across. She is always remembering little details about people making them feel special. It takes a special person to lead a team as big as ours. It is a 24/7 job! She gets no breaks and not to mention all the late-night phone calls and text messages. Often, her hard work goes unnoticed. But we feel it when she’s gone for the day. We wouldn’t be able to do our job without her. She deserves an award for best boss ever! Thank you for being so kind to each and every one of us! And thank you for being the best boss ever!

If you would like to see the video of us surprising Lorrie, please head over to our Facebook page to see the hilarious video!