COVID-19 shutdown:Take time to do what makes your soul happy

For the last month most of the world has been “stuck” in their home during the shutdown but, what if we looked at it as being “safe” at home, rather than “stuck” at home? Doesn’t that have a better ring to it? Sometimes to see the silver lining in a bad situation you just must change your mindset. We have talked with some of our Caregivers and put together a few ways to keep your soul happy during this time.

Keep a routine

“If you pick the right small behavior and sequence it right, then you won’t have to motivate yourself to have it grow. It will just happen naturally, like a good seed planted in a good spot.” ―BJ Fogg

During these times of uncertainty, keeping a routine can help you stay sane and keep a sense of normalcy. Each morning set an alarm, wake up, make your bed, get ready and eat breakfast. Making your bed and getting ready helps negate thoughts of sleeping in or going back to bed. If you are working from home, establish working hours and stick to them. Try your best to keep the routine the same as it was before. This will really help your days at home run much more smoothly.


“With this stay-at-home order I’ve been a little bored just staying at home! But, with help from her daughter, I have been able to video chat one of my awesome clients! She is the absolute sweetest and I really love getting to spend time talking with her even though all this madness! I find myself really looking forward to our next chat!”- M.G., Caregiver

 Thanks to technology, there are many ways to connect while continuing to be socially distant. To prevent loneliness, make sure to call, video chat or set up a Zoom with a friend or family member at least once a day. Some seniors live on their own and can become very lonely during this time. A simple phone or video chat can make a huge difference in their day. A silver lining we have noticed during this time that more connections are being made, through phone, videos, or even in person, while keeping a safe distance. It’s almost as if the world slowed down for a bit.

“I sat in a neighbors driveway last evening in lawn chairs, the obligatory 6 feet apart and we chatted. They, after a day of working on the internet, me after a lovely day of working out in my soggy yard. We waved to people as they walked past. Waved to those in cars as they drove past. In the lovely late afternoon light it was a peaceful time. The conversation of course touched on the Covid pandemic, but we laughed and shared many things we were amused by, but we were making bonds of connection we might not of made before this event.  I’m enjoying the relationships that I’m sharing with my neighbors in a new way that I hope only strengthens us as communities and ties us together in ways we could never have imagined before. That is a positive like no other!”- M.T., Caregiver

Stay active/ go outdoors

“I’ve seen a lot of dog walkers, couple or solitary walkers, kid, family, and baby walkers, passing them at 6-foot distance on the sidewalk. Said hello to many people I have never seen before, but hope to see again, as we as a community rise to the change in our lives by getting out with our community even at a distance. Walking and visiting outside was a habit people have had long before the advent of air conditioning, television, and then electronic entertainment. A social habit that people shared and shared their lives with in doing so. A lovely experience to have again in our current, new life habits.”- M.T., Caregiver

Staying active is important in a time like this. Make sure to get moving at least once a day. This may look  different for each person. You can wake up and do light stretches or a morning yoga, get outside and take a walk, or do some yard work. It does not have to be strenuous exercise, just make sure you are moving!

Make memories

“One positive thing that happened during this stay-at-home order is that my family spent a night watching home videos from my childhood! We had a lot of laughs and got to look back on a lot of great memories!”- M.G., Caregiver

 “I had a great day yesterday amidst all the uncertainty revolving around the coronavirus. It was the first day I would officially call spring and I took full advantage of it. I got a lot of house projects done that were put on the backburner. It hit me yesterday that there is going to be a lot of downtime during the quarantine period and I feel optimistic in using this time to hit the reset button and come back to the essentials of living a healthy life.”-L.M., Caregiver

“I have seen families spending more safe, outdoor quality time together.”- D.V., Caregiver

You can’t change the circumstances, but you can help shape the way you experience this and remember it. When this is all said and done and you look back, give yourself positive experiences and memories to reminisce on. Grandparents can read stories to grandchildren over video chat, you can do yard work that you may not normally have time for, you could even try make new recipes. Whatever you choose to do to pass the time, make sure it makes your soul happy and your time “safe at home” a more positive experience.