Mother: Your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.

Mother’s Day is a celebration of mothers everywhere, but it also marks an opportunity to reflect on what they have taught us. We asked a few of our Clients to tell us something their Mother taught them. We thought they were too sweet not to share a few with you.

“She & our dad both really wanted us to behave in school and back then, teachers could paddle you. They always told us we would get another paddle when we got home. Dad was one who would never give up on us. Mother always said we might be poor but we can always be clean- She was always big on staying clean. We would walk around barefoot and she would always have us wash our feet before bed.”


“She always taught me through the Lord no matter what I was doing!”


“My mother taught me the beauty of nature & animals. I loved to watch her milk the cow. They communicated well with one another. Then in the garden; the vegetables, flowers & bean poles.”


“My mother taught me many things but most importantly to never judge or criticize someone else. You do not know their story or suffering so grace and kindness is always the appropriate response. We all are just doing the best we can.”

                                                                  -S.B. (Daughter of Client)

“My mother taught me a lot of things: How to make pies at 8 or 9 years old, church & learning, to sew but I didn’t like it, to make our beds every day, how to set the table. My Aunt used to tell me to have a place for everything and keep everything in its place. WWII happened before we got our electricity, so we didn’t have it until after the war. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941 and in Europe Hitler was taking things when he could. Mother and Daddy were so worried, but they always protected us kids. Mother always said, love everyone and love will come back to you.”


“My mother taught me many, many things. She was a good, strong mother. She was left with three daughters and looked out for all of us. She wanted us to do well in school and urged education. In High School a group of girls took home economics, but she told us to take science because she could teach us the home economics, but not the science.”


“My mother taught me many things, but the most important thing was introducing me to my catholic religion which I still follow today and sharing her recipes with me. My favorite was the macaroni salad, crab cakes and baked beans. The baked beans are a favorite and have won awards.”


“My mother taught me how to cook & clean. She was always cleaning and washing clothes her whole life.” “She was quite a cook!”


We also wanted to hear how special moms are from another perspective. We asked our Caregivers to tell us what makes their mom special. We enjoyed listening to some of the responses and think you will too!

“What made my Mother special was when she would make some kind of food for us or draw a happy face on hard boiled eggs to say she loved us. My brother and I loved that.”


“My Mother was an immaculate housekeeper and would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it.”


“Something that makes my mother special is that she is constantly putting others needs before her own. She truly is the most selfless person I know.”


“My mother is special because she supports us no matter what!”


“My Mom is really good at telling funny jokes…who doesn’t need a good joke now and then?”


“Having my children and my grandchildren in my life makes Mother’s Day special!”


“Mother’s Day is such a special day to celebrate although mothers should be celebrated every day! Our tradition for Mother’s Day is starting the day off with breakfast then spending the day outside!” 


Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Keeping Good Company! We hope you have a wonderful day getting spoiled, spoiling a loved one or walking down memory lane!